COBRA IS still a thing.

ACA or no ACA, COBRA is here to stay. If you're not doing this right, you're setting your company up for problems.

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Create a COBRA Qualifying Event Notice in about a minute.

Using Word docs to create notices is cumbersome and time-consuming. Trying to locate all of the boxes that need to be filled in while making sure nothing is left blank is a hassle.

The COBRA Notice Generator makes creating a complete (and accurate) COBRA notice fast and easy.

The video below shows how quickly you can add your medical plan premiums and create a COBRA qualifying event notice.


Create a Qualifying Event Notice

We'll slow things down a little and walk you through each step to show how to create a COBRA qualifying event notice.

Create a Initial COBRA Notice

A General, or Initial COBRA Notice must be provided to newly covered individuals within 90 days of the date they become covered under your group health plan.

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