COBRA Notices

1. Initial Notice​

Sometimes called the "New Hire" notice.

​Outlines the general purpose of COBRA and must be provided to newly covered employees, spouses, and dependents within 90 days of becoming covered under the plan. Failure to provide this notices is one of the main reasons so many employers are out of COBRA compliance.

2. Qualifying Event Notice​

The most used of all COBRA notices. Sent following a qualifying event (termination of employment, reduction in hours, divorce, legal separation, death of employee).


This notice contains information specific to the individual, including premiums, types of coverage available, and election deadline. Must be sent within 44 days of the date of the qualifying event when the employer is also the COBRA administrator.

3. Early Termination of COBRA

If COBRA terminates early for any reason (nonpayment, individual enrolls in other group coverage, etc.) the Early Termination Notice is sent.

4. ​Open Enrollment/Premium Change

COBRA continuants have the same rights as active employees with respect to open enrollment. Send this notice along with the same open enrollment materials you provide to active employees..

5.COBRA Is Ending

Send within 180 days of the date COBRA will end. This notice advises the individual that COBRA will end and to contact the carrier to determine if there is an option to convert COBRA to an individual plan.

6. Payment Received, NSF or Short Payment

Send to COBRA enrollees to advise them that their payment is either short the full amount or the check was returned NSF.

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