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COBRA Notices In About A Minute

Because COBRA compliance shouldn't be hard.

Are you in compliance with COBRA?
If the answer is no, you're not alone. Nearly 80% of all employers are out of compliance with Federal COBRA law.
The most common reason?
Out-of-date or non-existent COBRA Notices.
With The Right Tools, COBRA Is Easy.
You shouldn't have to start from scratch every time an employee is terminated. Find the notice, make sure it's current, figure out what information goes where. It's exhausting. 
With CobraAid's COBRA Notice Generator, just login, add the employee information, and print the notice. It's that simple.


Kerry Lytle, HR Manager

“For a smaller employer like us,

full-featured software is just

too much. CobraAid's Notice

Generator lets us create and print

an up-to-date COBRA notice is

about a minute.”

who uses cobraaid?

Well, if you're a Fortune 500 company, CobraAid is probably not for you.

But, If you have around 100 or fewer employees, need some help following COBRA rules, have moderate turnover, and don't need (or don't have the budget for) expensive, complicated COBRA software, CobraAid may be right for your company.

How Much?

the skinny

  • Simple, web-based app.

  • Always up-to-date COBRA Notices.

  • Mistake-free notices every time.

  • Unlimited e-mail support for your COBRA questions.


so simple

No training needed. Just

login and get to work.


Over 12,000 employers have used CobraAid.

unlimited email


We've answered hundreds

of thousands of emails over the last 15 years. We got this.

brokers welcome

If you're an insurance broker with clients who might need our services, we've got the solution.